Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tip#1 surviving work xmas drinks

It feels a bit early for Christmas drinks but I suppose my office, and most others, try to get these done early before everyone goes on holiday. Work drinks can be a lot of fun, but also can end up rather messy so here's how to keep it all under control;

Firstly eat before you go there. Have a substantial snack in the office before you go, a sandwich or mini portion of sushi are good options. This will line your stomach and stop you hoovering up the unhealthy bar food on offer.

Secondly pace yourself with drinks. Alternate every drink with a glass of water - this applies for soft drinks as well as alcohol as these are usually full of sugar and other badies but easy to get through quickly, by alternating you'll cut the calories you're consuming.

When your appetite does kick in it's best to stay low carb - go for crudites, mezze, parma ham, smoked salmon, nuts or olives, avoid chips, wedges and crisps. The former contain more protein to fill you up and are less moreish, plus they are low GI minimizing the damage to your waistline.

Finally know when to turn into a pumpkin - you don't have to wait for midnight to make your curtain call. When you've had enough sneak off home to bed - remember sleep is the best way to reduce a hangover and no ones going to give you a prize for staying out til you couldn't stand up!

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