Thursday, 8 December 2011

Tip #2 The morning after the night before

If I'm hungover, which is pretty rare these days, the last thing I want to go is go into work, but by the look of a few of the faces in the canteen this morning not everyone is that bothered by the prospect.

Unsurprisingly, hangovers seem to extend the queue in the canteen for bacon sandwiches significantly - when you're feeling worse for wear a bowl of rice krispies just isn't going to cut it. But beware - a few too many of these and you'll be doing damage both to your waistline and overall health. Infact the government actively recommends minimizing pork products in your diet to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

So before you join the bacon buttie queue consider your options:

Firstly are you really hungry? Wait until your body asks for some food before tucking in. Post-bender it might actually want a break so just have some fluids til your appetite kicks in.

Make yourself have a piece of fruit and a glass of water before you eat anything else. This will give you vitamin C and water - two essential inputs for your liver to detoxify alcohol. If you really can't face fruit have an OJ and if water doesn't appeal have a bottle of Vitamin water or a decaf tea.

Next up assess your options at the hot food counter:
Are poached eggs available? Poached eggs on wholegrain toast makes a great comforting and filling breakfast.

If you fancy a fry up limit the damage by going veggie:
Have beans, poached or fried egg, veggie sausage, grilled tomatoes or mushrooms and wholegrain toast. This fibre full selection can't fail to fill you up, but with significantly less fat, and therefore calories, than having sausage, bacon, black pudding and hash browns.

Really can't go without a breakfast buttie? Go for bacon rather than sausage (less fat and additives) and have with grilled tomato rather than ketchup (the sugar in the ketchup makes your body store more of the fat in the bacon).

And for those with a bit more self-control: a glass of OJ with some muesli with natural yoghurt followed by a herbal tea can work wonders for a thick head.

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