Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Alternative advent

Well many of you may have already made headway into your advent calenders this morning, our christmas treats that mark the countdown to Christmas. But I personally haven't had one in years (milk chocolate just doesn't agree with me).

So I thought I'd give you all an alternative advent calender with tips or treats to keep you healthy, happy and sane over the Christmas period.

Treat #1
Whilst I don't eat milk chocolate (lactose + sugar is terrible for digestion + skin) I do still enjoy dark chocolate. My current chocolate treat is Green + Blacks current and hazelnut 60% dark chocolate. Dairy free and with much less sugar than milk chocolate it's a healthier alternative to my old favourite - dairy milk fruit and nut, plus being so rich you can't eat more than a few squares. Keep some in your desk and have a couple of squares whilst your colleagues tuck into the quality streets.


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