Thursday, 1 December 2011

Time to slow it down

I feel like I haven't stopped since I got back from hols - work's been super busy, I've had two full weekends and have been trying to get my chores done in between. All in all I feel like I need another break but my holiday allowance is all used up for the year :-(

Probably as a result of this, and half the office coughing and spluttering around me, I've also felt like I'm fighting off a bug for the last week ... not good.

In my previous incarnation I would have ploughed on til I collapsed. But these days I take action before I get totally depleted.

For anyone feeling a bit under par right now, or anyone who has a tendency to plough on regardless of how they feel here's my action plan:

Number 1 is to prioritise sleep - you need more of this if you're fighting infection or under stress/pressure so this is especially important in the face of both. Chores and friends can wait til you've caught up - you won't be any fun if you're tired and no one will thank you for passing on your bugs to them! Cancel weeknight plans and leave saturday and sunday morning free for a decent lie in.

Number 2 is to scale back exercise - I'm limiting myself to a 20minute walk per day til I feel myself again. This is hard for me as I love the gym and do worry about turning into Kirsty Alley if I don't go! Still as long as you follow your appetite (rather than eating the same volume as you would on a gym day) the damage to your waistband over a couple of weeks off actually shouldn't be that bad. Do some gentle hatha yoga to keep yourself sane til you're able to go back.

Number 3 is to take a deep breath - even if your day is running away from you take 10 minutes off the desk at some point. Find a quiet spot or get some fresh air. Take 10 deep breaths and get some perspective - city work doesn't usually involve life or death scenarios - the world won't end if you don't finish your powerpoint presentation!

Number 4 is to stop shovelling - If you can't avoid eating and working at the same time then at least pace yourself by putting your fork down between mouthfuls - if you're working it doesn't matter how long you're taking to eat your meal so slow it down. By slowing down you'll un-knot your stomach and absorb a few more nutrients from your food.

Finally number 5 is get some extra vitamin C - take supplements, drink smoothies, eat fruit - just get it in!! Vitamin C is used up so much in stress and also so needed for immune function, so if you're run down you're more than likely running low. Keep it up til you feel better!

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