Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Tip or Treat #4 - Keeping Cozy

I got chatting to a super trim lady in the sauna the other evening (as you do) about why sauna's are so good for you. I use them in the winter to keep colds at bay, as a warmer body temperature helps your immune system fight bugs more effectively. But what my companion suggested was that a regular sauna can help you keep off the winter weight.

It wasn't something I'd thought of before but it actually makes sense. It's well known that it's natural to put on a bit of winter weight in the colder months, your body trying to keep you warm with a fat blanket, so if you make an effort to stop yourself getting too cold you could reduce your bodies desire to store fat.

Sauna's can also help you detox, particularly useful during times of higher booze and processed or sweetened foods, so there's lots of reasons to have a weekly Sauna in the lead up to Christmas, just make sure you drink plenty of fluids afterwards to avoid dehydration.

Personally I find lying in the sauna for 5 minutes pretty relaxing and a great antidote to the winter blues so this one's a Tip or a Treat depending on how you see it!

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