Monday, 12 December 2011

Tip #3 keeping the bulge at bay

It's tough, pre-christmas, to not let yourself turn into a christmas pudding before the day itself. With all the tempting treats around the place and christmas drinks and parties it's easy to just give in to the whole thing and let yourself go.

But even if you can't say no to a mince pie or a pig in a blanket you can minimize the damage by squeezing in some exercise.

Christmas is generally a quieter time in the city, this usually means post-work drinks starting early, but it's also a good opportunity to fit in a workout before you go out. Your friends will still be in the pub when you're finished and you'll have missed out on at least a couple of drinks in the process. Plus, even if you're tired, a quick gym session can really perk you up and give you a bit of personality for the evening.

Even if you just do 20 minutes of interval training you'll feel better for it and you'll have burnt off some calories built up an appetite that means you can to tuck into the pub platter knowing that you've earnt it.

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