Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Santa's stress busters

I love Christmas and always have, but what I miss as a grown up is being at my parents when school broke up and having two weeks before Christmas to decorate the house, buy and wrap presents and soak in the festive spirit.

Sadly for us city folk a two week christmas break is hard to come by and christmas can feel like a last minute rush which is no fun.

So here are my top tips to make sure you enjoy Christmas as much as possible without any last minute stresses:

1. make lists - I'm a massive list maker but it helps keep me sane when I'm trying to juggle too many tasks. Make three lists of things you have to do before Christmas: Things to buy (xmas pressies, food for entertaining, party dress), things to do at home (write cards, put up tree, prepare for guests), things to do in town (hair cut, facial, going to the post office) and things to do at work (there's usually some tasks that have to be done by the end of the year). These might be fairly long, but once you've got them down you can get stuck in. Anything not on the lists can wait til the New Year, get these ones dealt with as soon as poss. and then you can relax and enjoy the party season.

2. Like a good girl scout be prepared for every eventuality - have some dinners in the freezer for when you won't have time to cook, keep spare christmas cards and gifts at home and work to give to anyone you missed off the list, get your christmas food shopping list setup and ready to go online so you've not got a big shop to do and get your party togs dry cleaned so you're not caught out without an outfit.

3. Let yourself get festive. With all the rushing about it can be easy to forget that Christmas is fun. Put your christmas playlist on your ipod and use it to get in the mood whether you're at home doing chores, on your way to work or at the gym - I'll be working out to Christmas tunes all December! Get an advent calendar for your desk, put up some super tacky decorations at home and have some mulled wine whilst you write your Christmas cards - it's the one month a year when you can do all this without anyone thinking you're a bit odd so make the most of it!!

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