Thursday, 1 December 2011

Farewell to the facial hair

I'm sad now the November has ended and we'll no longer see the amusing moustaches city gents have been growing over the past month. There have been some wonderful specimens ranging from blackadder the second style RAF tashes to some proper starsky and hutch mos.

Still for all the amusement Movember is a very serious cause - raising awareness about Prostate cancer and the importance of raising any symptoms with your doctor.

Awareness is so necessary as, with all cancers, the earlier it's caught the more effective the treatment. Still the best cure is prevention which is very much what nutritional therapy is all about.

My top tips for reducing your risk are:
Cut down on your meat intake, particularly processed meats and pork (ham, sausages, bacon).

Reduce your diary intake and have organic when you do have dairy

Reduce your intake of refined sugar

Eat six to eight portions of fruit and veg per day, if that seems tricky just make sure you have one portion with every meal and snack and keep some fruit on your desk at work.

Take extra anti-oxidants if you do particularlyintensive excersize as this raises your need for antioxidants. Cherry active and using juices and smoothies are good to top up.

One particular antioxidant that's effective in prevention of prostate cancer is lycopene. Tomatoes are the best source of lycopene, however interestingly cooked and processed tomatoes are a better source than raw tomatoes.

This may seem odd, given there's a regular emphasis on eating raw fruit and veg on the basis that they are more nutritious. But infact that isn't always the case, which is one of the reasons why an entirely raw food diet might not be the best for optimum health.

In practice this means that regularly having passata or tomato puree may be cancer protective particularly against prostate cancer. Both can easily be used in homecooking - home-made pizza, bologneise, lasagna, stews and soups.

If prostate cancer runs in your family it may be an idea to supplement with lycopene as well.


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