Thursday, 25 October 2012

Prevention over cure - good vibrations

I am going for an acupuncture appointment this evening which I always look forward to.  I go every 3 to 4 weeks as a preventative measure to help keep me well.  People ask me why I go for acupuncture and always expect me to have something wrong already but instead I say I use it to assist in keeping me feeling good.  I am by no means perfect in keeping myself well but I try my hardest to use all the preventative options out there rather than letting what might feel like a little niggle turn into something bigger.  In old China some doctors were, infact, kept on a retainer to keep people well and not paid when they got sick!  The change in this mentality is a different subject altogether!
Originally I went for acupuncture some years ago due to a lower back and sciatica problem and it really helped.  (This is what then got me interested enough to study it and change careers!).  I normally combine treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and nutrition to keep on top of any niggles, aches, change in mood or feelings of fatigue.  According to quantum physics we, and everything around us, are energy and energy vibrates at different frenquencies.  Slower energy takes more form (like a table) and faster energy take less form (like gas).  As humans, we have our own resonance and I like to imagaine that the beginnings of illness is actually a slowing down or alteration from our optimal resonance into one that doesn't suit us anymore.  This energy change is the point at which using complementaty/alternative medicines as a preventative can really work well for us.
In current times these preventative therapies could be seen as a luxury but there are many colleges and universities offering reduced price treatments in their student clinics.  This is a great option to be able to have regular treatments or dip and in out of different types of treatment depending on what you feel you need.  The student clinics are for final year students to gain hands on experience and are normally very well supervised by their tutors during the treatment.  I have listed below a few places in London that I have found.
Of course there are also totally free ways to increase your vibration such as meditation, relaxation, a walk in nature, listening to calming sounds, some yoga at home or even sending out kind thoughts to yourself and others.  But sometimes a nice massage is just what is needed and you deserve to take time out to look after yourself!
Have a lovely weekend - and remember to put your clocks back on Saturday night!  That extra hour is a free treatment to yourself and could help increase your vibration and have you feeling tip top in this murky weather! :o)
Zen Dog
yoga therapy
therapy - low cost option

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