Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Letting off some steam

I've got a couple of gripes to vent today.

Firstly why are there mince pies for sale in october? I know I was blogging about the cold weather yesterday but this is ridiculous, I don't want to be thinking about Christmas for another six weeks.

And secondly why don't Pret give you a spoon when you ask for your soup to take away like EAT do? They must know you'll need one when you get back to your desk! Although their smokey veg soup today was delicious making me a bit less peeved at them.

We all have our bug bears that wind us up and, however minor these might seem to others, they can cause real stress as they accumulate unless we have an outlet to vent them. Physiologically this build up of even minor stress can cause blood sugar disregulation, headaches, elevated blood pressure, central weight gain (think muffin-top), tension headaches and general irritability.

Thankfully this is what friends are for, not the only thing of course, but a very valuable aspect to friendship is having people who you know will lend you a sympathetic ear to vent about whatever it is that is annoying you, however trivial.

No one likes people who are endless whingers, but just being able to have a person to person outlet when you need it is so helpful. If you're meeting up with a friend for post-work drinks maybe allow yourselves each a five minute rant at the start of the evening to clear the air and then move onto the fun gossip.

It doesn't even have to be face to face, if things are getting to you at work then fire off an email with the subject line 'vent' to your most sympathetic friend, who'll then know they just need to read the message and respond sympathetically when they have some time!

Venting should be reciprocal, even if you think your friends get stressed over the most minor things. Just remember that you're cheering them up and helping them stay sane, isn't that what friends are for!

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