Monday, 15 October 2012

I've got a lovely pear!

Miss Haribo here,

Believe it or not I am one of Emilie's small mouthed friends. Two weeks ago I had my wisdom teeth removed, and apart from a few somewhat gross moments, I had a pretty charmed recovery.

I credit Emilie for a lot of this: her advice throughout the years meant I was fit and healthy anyway, but her advice to add nuts and avocado to smoothies to accelerate the healing process must be one reason why my healing has gone so well.

I'm pretty well known for producing smoothies that look like pond slime, and tasting pretty similar. Usually I end up adding a lot of berries to make the vegetables in the smoothie palatable, but this time I discovered something far superior: pears.

Adding pears to my smoothies rather than frozen berries made them deliciously juicy, and despite the mild taste of pears the taste of broccoli was well masked. It also keeps the smoothie relatively low in sugar rather than overloading all the good work with some sugary berries.

Pears contain lots of healing vitamin C and are high in antioxidants and a good source of fibre (essential when you are on a diet of soup).

Pear blended with nuts also made a nice base for a mixer!  I've always thought of pears as inferior apples but the last two weeks have changed my mind.

Miss Haribo

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