Monday, 1 October 2012

Hot stuff

Apologies for going awol, a busy week and lack of sleep laid me low for the weekend. Partly I think my body just went on strike over the abysmal weather - summer is clearly over (did it ever begin) and it's coats and hats now til April .. boo.

Whenever autumn hits I always lose all desire to eat salads and raw foods and crave casseroles, stews and cooked fruit. Your body knows what it needs and in my case it's warming foods that are easy to digest.

In winter our digestive system slows down so we need to give it a helping hand by eating foods that are easier to digest, in addition a hot breakfast and a hot lunch will help keep up your body temperature up during the day which helps your immune system function properly. This is why if you get cold you're more likely to catch a cold.

Consequently I end up usually buying my lunch rather than making eat, rotating between Leon and pod for veggie stews/casseroles and EAT for veggie soups. I also drink lots of herbal tea, spend 5minutes in the sauna at the gym whenever I have the chance, wear lots of layers for work and throw on a woolly jumper when I get home.

We also naturally need more sleep over winter so I try to get to bed nice and early, preferably after a long hot bath.

So now the temperature's dropped make sure you're all keeping yourselves warm (I sound like my mum!).

Ps for any of you still smoking, buy yourself a copy of Alan Carr's 'Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking' asap and join Stoptober, Cancer Research's campaign to get smokers to quit for the month of October ... no excuses, no 'I'll quit next week', just do it.

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