Sunday, 6 January 2013

Triple tasking

Still on Hallie's January Calendar I've got three days to update you on. 

Friday was all about greens: kale, chard, spinach etc.  Green leafy veg is the most beneficial veg out there but also often peoples least favourite. I find I fall out of the habit of eating my greens quite easily, but with a powerful punch of minerals and anti-cancer and anti-aging antioxidants no one can afford to neglect their greens, so Fridays task was a good one for me.  When I'm struggling to eat my veg I turn to my trusty juicer - I generally start with a carrot and ginger base, but for anyone new to juicing start with an apple base for a more palatable start, and then add a big handful of leafy green veg, spinach or broccoli are my faves, I like to add half a lime or lemon too for an extra zing.  You can make your juice whilst you're cooking your dinner and then drink it before you sit down to your main course feeling virtuous.  Having spinach and rocket as a side salad instead of watery iceberg is also a really easy to get your daily greens.

Saturday's task was to relax by taking a walk or going for a run.  I love to run, and if I had the time I would run every day, but sadly that's not always possible, and infact it's not always relaxing.  A walk however is always good exercise and a great de-stressor.  For anyone who has a dog a daily walk is easy to tick of the list, but for those of us not fortunate enough to have a canine companion going for a walk just for the sake of it can feel a little odd. Incorporating some extra walking into your daily schedule though is alot easier.  On Saturday I went into town for an exhibition and instead of jumping on the nearest tube home I walked to a further stop via the shops for a bit of sale shopping.  Shopping might not seem like exercise but you can rack up alot of steps in the shops, as you can by jumping on the tube a stop later or getting off a stop earlier.

Today's task was to have a sugar free sunday and get your sweet fix from natures candy - fresh fruit.  I generally avoid sugar anyway, sugar is a total anti-nutrient, and only really necessary or beneficial if you're an athlete. For the rest of us it serves no benefit, but still is a constant temptation and an unwanted additive in most processed foods.  Over Christmas I did let my hair down and enjoy some sugar treats, but sugar always leave me wanting more which is why it's important to nip this indulgence in the bud and swap sugary treats for some naturally sweet goodies.  My favourite guilt-free sweeties are dried figs, or stewed pears or apples with some custard sweetened with agave and I find that dates can always satisfy the sweetest craving.

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