Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Train Drain

I know I'm somewhat commute-phobic and as a result have always made sure I live less than thirty minutes from my work, but that isn't the case for most city workers, with an hour each way being pretty normal and 2.5 hour each way commutes not unheard of.

Whilst spending 5 hours a day on a train is totally unacceptable for me, for some people this is just how it has to be. Sitting for hours on a train can be a very draining experience so how can you turn it into some beneficial "me time'?

Sleep ... If you're getting up at 5am to catch a train, I think adding some extra zzzz on your commute in is recommended (if you can get a seat!)

Read ... I see a lot of people reading some fairly trashy literature on their commutes home. Whilst a good read is a nice way to relax on the way home, interspersing it with some health related reading
Periodically swap Closer, Grazia or FHM for Zest, Healthy (from holland and barrett) Mens Health, Runners World or other health and fitness magazines. You'll be surprised how many healthy tips you pick up.
If you've got time to read a chapter of a book, periodically swap fiction for something educational:
Patrick Holford's Six Weeks to Superhealthis a good place to start for inspiration to overhauling your diet and his Food Is Better Medicine Than Drugs is a good place to start learning about the power of food on your health.
If you have a specific health complaint, any of Patrick's Say No To... range also provide easy to follow advice.
For some super healthy brainwashing I recommend the Juice Master's Slim 4 Life and for something a bit more entertaining (and extreme) try Skinny Bitch.

Breathe - Most of us don't breathe fully and so aren't as well oxygenated as we should be. Take five deep breaths when you sit down to calm the nervous system and mark the end of your work day.

Meditate - Practicing having a clear mind can be a real channel on a tube or train, but is worth working out. The Power of Now
, is a great place to start and includes good tips on dealing with things that annoy you, so helpful in avoiding tube rage. If that's not your bag try and get yourself a seat in the quiet zone and just enjoy some peace and quiet rather than instantly plugging yourself into your ipod.

Plan - It's easy to fall into a food and exercise rut, so take some time to plan for what you want to achieve - jot down some health goals, do you want to lose 6lbs, run a marathon, add some muscle? Then list what you're going to do to achieve it, write out an exercise schedule and list of healthy meals you want to cook. Add the ingredients to your shopping list.

Be creative - Once we leave school a lot of us stop colouring, glueing pasta to cardboard and being creative in other ways! However it's important for our mental well being to use our brains and imaginations. I tend to write my blog on the way home, with anything that happens to pop into my head at the time (can't you tell)! Perhaps you've got a Novel in you - write a page at a time, do some doodles, write some lyrics, draw a portrait of the strange looking man opposite?

Brain training - Sudoki, crosswords, Nintendo ds memory games, whatever floats your boat .. a few minutes day can help keep your brain connecting the dots as you get older.
Day dream - there's nothing wrong with a bit of staring out the window and day dreaming. Try and think positive/pleasant thoughts - day dream about fun times you've had, great trips you've been on. Feel gratitude for what you're happy with in your life and get inspiration on where you want your life to go

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