Sunday, 11 September 2011


I'm annoyingly sensitive to chillies which means I can't eat too much of them and can't eat them raw (cooking takes out some of the cook), which is probably why I haven't blogged on the virtues of the chilli plant until now.

Although excessive chilli consumption is aggravating for the gut and can be too stimulating to the nervous system (chilli addiction is surprisingly common!!), the capsaicin family, to which the chilli plant belongs, has numerous beneficial properties, including anti-inflammatory properties and increased blood flow. They can also thin respiratory mucus helping clear lungs so can be beneficial in asthma and are great for clearing a cold or catarrh.

Whilst I don't eat chillies that often, one of my favourite recipes actually includes them. It's Delia Smith's Pad Thai recipe, which makes a great comforting quick dinner and is a crowd pleaser for hungry friends. It's also gluten and dairy free and low fat so pretty much ticks all the boxes so I thought I'd share the recipe.

I halve the chilli content and would recommend you do the same unless you like your food nice and spicy. I also double the quantities as Delia seems to be catering for not particularly hungry guests!!!

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