Thursday, 15 September 2011

How to not end up looking like an old handbag!

Walking home from work yesterday I saw a lady with the same handbag as me, one that I know was only on sale fairly recently. Mine was in almost as new condition, but hers was all scuffed down the sides and looked like it had a couple of years of wear.

I'm possibly a bit obsessive in the care of my handbags and shoes, but I don't have an infinite clothing budget so I want them to last! However if all else fails I can buy a replacement bad when it wears out, something that isn't true for my body.

On day 1 we all get pretty much the same body and up til our mid twenties it keeps regenerating itself but from your thirties onwards it starts to wear out. This is when it becomes much more apparent who's looking after themselves and who isn't. Spare tires start appearing, as does grey hair, poor skin colour, dry or mousy hair, wrinkles and permanent under eye bags.

But just as you can keep a several year old handbag looking new with a bit of care, whilst others let their get old and worn, with a bit of effort you can keep your body young whilst others let themselves go to seed.

The key ingredients for anti-aging are antioxidants, sleep, water, essential fats, lack of stress, or active stress management, moderate exercise and avoiding pollutants/oxidants. If you want to stay young you need to put a bit of effort into keeping on top of all of these and I'll be giving some tips on each of them in the next few blogs.

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