Monday, 12 September 2011

Blowing in the changes

I almost blew over on my way into work and with all the leaves dropping it definitely feels like autumn. With the seasons changing it's not just time to change your wardrobe but it's also a good idea to change your diet.

As the weather gets colder it's natural to crave more hot food and have less desire for raw food so instead of forcing yourself to keep eating crudites and salads it's good to pay attention to what you feel like eating and go for soups and stews if that's what you're drawn to. These are easier to digest and more sustaining and warming so help the body get through the winter months.

What should be in your veg box should also change. No more strawberries, courgettes and runner beans. It's now time for blackberries, plums, apples, squash, celeriac and mushrooms. Buying food labeled as grown in the UK is an easy way to make sure you're eating seasonally and also avoid adding unnecessary air miles to your shopping basket. It also helps get out of a food rut of eating the same meals over and over again. Instead buy what's in season and look up some new recipes that will use your ingredients.

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