Thursday, 1 September 2011

Cauliflower toast for breakfast?

I was recently discussing healthy diets with Ms Haribo and she mentioned a recent diet she'd seen in a magazine where it suggested making some kind of fake toast out of cauliflower as it was 'less fattening'. Now I'm all in favour of healthy eating but I'm also adamant that food should be tasty and enjoyable - and cauliflower toast just doesn't sound appealing!

Even though some people will turn their noses up at 'healthy options' as tasteless or bland, the truth is that pretty much everyone likes healthy food, just not all of it. Most people have some types of fruit and vegetables that they enjoy and a lot of people enjoy grilled fish or stir fried chicken.

The key is to identify what healthy foods and meals you enjoy and have those so that healthy eating becomes an enjoyable experience.

I know that even if they weren't healthy some of my favourite meals would stay the same:
Pasta (gluten free) with tomato based sauces
Babyleaf salad with sliced avocado, baby tomatoes and vinaigrette
Cashew and vegetable stir fry
Vegetable soup and a crusty wholemeal roll (gluten free)
Veggie chilli with a jacket potato
Nut roast with gravy, roasted sweet potatoes and peas
Homemade Nori rolls with brown rice, avocado, hummous and spinach
Toast with no sugar nut butter and st dalfour jam
Fruit salad sprinkled with chopped nuts
Stewed fruit with cinnamon and custard (made with rice milk and vanilla essence, no sugar)

By planning to make healthy meals that you enjoy and keeping your cupboards stocked with the right ingredients to make them you'll be less likely to reach for the cookie jar or order a takeaway without feeling deprived.

It's also a good idea to keep something healthy in the freezer at all times so when the fridge is empty you've always got something good to eat.

If you're not sure where to start, take a walk through the fruit and veg section in your supermarket and add anything that you know you enjoy to your basket. When you get home look up some recipes that incorporate these ingredients and get cooking!


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