Monday, 26 September 2011

Potato pleasure

I wasn't feeling too good yesterday and needed something plain but comforting to cheer me up. One of my favourite comfort foods is potatoes - chips, waffles, crips, hash browns - I love them all. But sadly all of these are high glycemic (digest quickly and cause weight gain) and are laced with saturated fats.

Fortunately I had some new potatoes, which are lower glycemic than other types and the only kind I usually eat, and some sliced spring greens in the fridge so was able to make this oven baked bubble and squeak from the wonderful Delia. With just a few strategic adjustments to up the health factor it made a yummy hash brown substitute and got me eating some Salvestrol rich greens. These would make a healthy accompaniment for a roast, or great as part of a warming cooked breakfast - both for kids and grown ups.

My healthy adjustments:
- I used new potatoes rather than desiree potatoes and kept the peels on when grating
- I left out the cheese to make them dairy free and zero saturated fat
- I coated them with gluten free flour
- I brushed them with olive oil rather than butter

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