Monday, 18 February 2013

Run with a pack

Miss Haribo here again

I'm a big of a gadget monster so people often ask me what my favourite bit of exercise equipment it. My answer: a friend!

I don't mean that you should start using your mate as weights! But that exercising with other people can be a great motivation.

Fairly obviously you are more likely to actually go to that session because you don't want to let your friends down and gossiping through a session makes the whole thing less painful.

But there are other benefits too. A friend who is a little faster than you can inspire you to quicken your pace to catch up. Pacing a friend who is slower can restrain you from going too hard in what is supposed to be a recovery run.

They can also be pretty inspirational. I've lost count of the number of jumps, vaults or climbs I've managed in parkour simply because I've been able to see someone do them first and realise that they are actually possible.  
So next time you want to enjoy your workout a little more: invite a friend along.

Miss Haribo


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