Thursday, 7 February 2013

Creamy comfort

I love a creamy sauce, who doesn't?! But if you're dairy intolerant then you don't get to enjoy the creamy goodness.

So thank goodness for the wonderful coconut! Coconut cream, creamed coconut, coconut milk can all be used to make a nice creamy sauce and some very easy dishes without the dairy.

You can rustle up a super quick dinner by stir-frying some chicken, tofu, or prawns with veg and then making a quick creamy sauce with a teaspoon of thai green paste dissolved into half a tin of coconut milk. Add some lime rind and a squeeze of lime juice to add some zing and heat through.

This evening I got home late and so rustled up another of my fave super quick creamy dinners - chicken brazilian.

I make this with tofu but I'm sure it also works with prawns. You can also spice it up by cooking in some chilli flakes when you add the garlic.

Chicken Brazilian, serves 4
Cube 3-4 chicken breasts and toss in 1tbsp fresh lemon juice, then stirfry in 1tbsp til it's starting to brown.
Chop 2 onions and add to the chicken. Add 2 gloves of garlic minced. Stirfry for 5 minutes.
Slice 1 green pepper and add, then dissolve 55g creamed coconut in 150ml boiling water and add to the pan (or the same volume of coconut milk). Chop 2 large tomatoes and add them to the pan then add 55g ground almonds to thicken the sauce plus a few turns of black pepper.
Stir it all together and simmer for 15mins. Serve with brown rice or quinoa.


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