Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Dieting out

Gosh it was cold this evening, but a nice warming veggie curry at Las Iguanas warmed me right up.

Both myself and my friend are on health kicks but with different approaches, so had to find somewhere we could both eat.

I'm currently on a vegan low sugar diet but still enjoying carbs. So my palm heart and squash Moqueca (ordered gluten free) full of veggies and served with rice was perfect.

My dining companion is currently low-carbing so went for chicken fajitas and asked for a side salad in place of the flour tortillas.

Dieting doesn't have to be a miserable anti-social affair. If you choose somewhere with a varied menu and an easygoing attitude you'll find something to suit everyone. I find asian and south american cuisines are the most adaptable but don't be afraid to ask for substitutions and discuss your particular requirements with your waiter. Most chains these days are now clued in to the need to be flexible in order to attract customers.

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