Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Stocking up

I usually buy and recommend supplements from professional grade supplement companies such as Biocare and Nutri. The reason for this is that these supplements usually contain nutrients at a higher dosage than you'd find in a supplement from Boots, but also use more digestible forms of micronutrients so your body can make better use of them.

However one supplement that I do stock up with from Boots when they have their 3 for 2 supplement offers on (as they do now) is Spatone
iron supplement.

Iron is an important mineral for the production of haemoglobin which carries oxygen around in the blood. If your iron levels are low you're likely to feel tired, apathetic, dizzy and may experience hair loss and pale skin.

The main food source for most individuals is meat so if you follow the traditional British 'meat and two veg' diet you'll likely be getting enough. However if you don't eat meat regularly or suffer from heavy periods then you may run low. Dried fruit, dark green leafy vegetables (such as pop eyes favourite; spinach) and molasses are all good healthy sources of iron, but if you have low stomach acid levels or impaired digestion you may still need a supplement.

Unfortunately traditional Iron supplements can be particularly hard to digest and cause constipation or other digestive discomfort. The reason I like Spatone is that it comes in the form of totally natural highly mineralized water sourced from Snowdonia in Wales, making it easy to take, digest and absorb without the associated digestive problems.

Whatever type of iron supplement you take it's important to take iron supplements with Vitamin C to allow proper absorption. Spatone have infact starting selling a new combined supplement including added Vitamin C however having the regular spatone at the same time as some fresh fruit or freshly squeezed juice works just as well.

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