Wednesday, 10 August 2011

How big is your lunchbox?

... not that lunchbox ... NITC isn't that inappropriate ;-)

Something I totally forgot to include in my gadget blog earlier this week was my collection of plastic Lock & Lock
boxes. I use these for storing food at home, but mainly for taking my lunch, breakfast and snacks to work whenever I've had time to prepare them at home.

I've blogged before on the British 'clean plate' culture and am always encouraging clients to learn to leave food on the plate, but when that proves to difficult the alternative approach is to serve yourself on smaller plates. The plate then looks full and you can enjoy the pleasure of finishing everything on it, without eating an olympic swimmer size portion. In the same way, if you're eating out of a big tupperware pot at lunchtime and finishing everything in it, you may be eating more than you really need.

I used to take in a 1 litre lunchbox to work but since acquiring my new 870ml lunchbox I find that the contents satisfies me perfectly and I'm consequently eating a smaller lunch. It's also small enough to fit in a handbag, although I only do that with my lock & lock which I know is 100% leak free
- you do not want salad vinegraitte leaking into your handbag .. believe me!

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