Monday, 29 August 2011

Barbecued bananas

Despite it being pretty nippy I was delighted that we still managed a couple of bbqs over the bank holiday weekend. I love bbqs as an occasion for getting friends together, enjoying good food and eating al fresco, but if you're trying not to eat meat and bread then being presented with a burger or a hot dog is not ideal. It's also not the healthiest of meals, given that most meats prepared for bbqing (burgers, hot dogs, chicken joints) are high in saturated fats.

Not that I'm saying you should have to have your bbq without any meat ... sacrilegious I know! But balancing it out by serving some healthy vegetarian side dishes will do everyone a favour, not just those trying to eat healthily.

Corn on the cobs, jackets potatoes, sweet potato wedges and salads all make great bbq sides. This tasty lemony Ottolenghi rice salad, that I made with half wild, half basmati rice, also went down well with guests at our bbq as a nice alternative to the less healthy potato salad.

Puddings also tend to be sugar/cream laden affairs, but some strawberries and greek yoghurt always make for a luxurious tasting yet healthy pud. I was also delighted with the barbecued banana I was served, as a super sweet and yummy pudding without any of sugar or fat. Just put them on the bbq, with skins on, once you've finished cooking the meat and leave for 10 - 20 minutes whilst you eat your main course, until the skin goes black. Then just slice the skin lengthwise and serve with a spoon OR for a slightly more decadent treat, slit the skin and add a square of plain chocolate to each and allow to melt before serving ... yum!

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