Thursday, 25 August 2011

Rocket fuel

This morning, feeling tired from a hectic week, I needed a kickstart to my day. But rather than having a coffee to gee me up for my morning meetings I instead stopped in at Crrush on the way into work for a Super juice vegetable juice.

Juicing recommended in the Dr Joshi detox I blogged on yesterday, but is beneficial even if you're not on a detox programme. Juices deliver a highly concentrated source of vitamins, minerals and live enzymes, all in an easily digestible liquid. Through this 'nutrient shot' they can help improve energy, skin and hair condition, immunity and help the liver to flush out toxins.

Combining vegetable juices with fruit juices can make them alot more palatable (like the Crrush Green Goddess) but also can make them harder to digest so I stick to pure vegetable juices and use fruit on it's own in smoothies.

To be fair I have served up a few particularly noxious juices, closely resembling pond water and these are possibly the only exception I make to the rule of not eating foods I don't think taste nice. But this has been purely on the basis of needing the nutrient boost that a potent veg juice can provide.

However they don't all taste bad, I regularly enjoy a carrot, lime, spinach and ginger juice and one of my favourites is Kale Lemonade made by juicing kale leaves, a lemon (without the rind) and adding a little agave to sweeten.

Buying fresh juices at a juice bar is sadly an expensive affair and they are rarely organic, so the more economical option is to buy yourself a juicer, and juice at home. Don't worry if you can't be bothered with this first thing in the morning, although juices are best on an empty stomach, just make a juice when you get home and drink it slowly whilst you prepare your dinner.


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