Thursday, 18 August 2011

Pleasure pots

I'm a sensitive soul ... Well at least when it comes to food ;-) and so not the ideal dinner party guest. I'm intolerant/allergic to gluten but also most grains, apart from rice, dairy, oranges, chillies and anything from the mustard or onion family if it isn't cooked!

Out of all of these one of the foods I miss most is cheese (hence my cheese binge in France earlier this summer), but it's not something I ever ate everyday. In that sense it's natural yoghurt that I miss the most, partly for it's wonderful bitter sweet taste and partly because it makes a very convenient and healthy snack. This is because it's low in fat and has a ratio of protein to carbs of almost one to one making it more filling and less calorific than most snacks.

Fortunately you can now get some pretty good natural soya yoghurts now with a similar composition (they used to be laden with sugar). Sojade has the cleanest ingredients list and is almost 2:1 protein to carbs, whilst Provamol natural is the best tasting with a 3:2 ratio. Unfortunately my super sensitive digestive system can't handle too much soya so I still can't eat it regularly.

Still in Holland and Barrett this morning I found a soya free alternative called 'wot no dairy' made with pea protein. It's no yoghurt substitute and has some added sugar so just over 3:1 carbs to protein, but it's still surprisingly tasty and made a nice snack with some chopped banana.

For those with a sweet tooth who don't like their yoghurt plain, they can easily be sweetened up with a teaspoon of St dalfour jam, made only with fruit - giving you a whole range of fruit flavour options without all the sugar,

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