Monday, 25 July 2011

The switch

I don't have a lot of free time so as a result don't watch a lot of TV. This is probably a good thing as a lot of the advertisements, particularly regarding food, wind me up.

However this weekend, whilst watching a movie, I saw an ad for Quorn that I actually thought was sending a good message.

The advertisement suggested switching regular sausages for quorn vegetarian sausages as a simple way to make sausage and mash healthy. Now whilst I'm not a fan of Quorn products myself, there are lots of great tasting vegetarian substitutes for unhealthy cuts of meat available in the supermarkets.

By substituting these into your favourite dishes you will dramatically reduce the saturated fat (and total fat) content making the dish much healthier and at the same time reducing the calories of your meal for those trying to lose weight. Vegetable based replacements will have the added bonus of upping your fibre intake benefiting your bowels (meat consumption is not good for bowel health).

Easy switches to make are:
vegetarian sausages in sausage and mash (I like Cauldron veggie sausages) or in a brunch sausage sandwich
Veggie burgers in wholemeal rolls for a bbq (tesco do tasty soy, mushroom or spicy bean burgers)
Substitute kidney beans for mince in chilli con carne
Use soy mince or lentils instead of mince in bologneise

For those die hard meat eaters amongst you don't dismiss this suggestion out of hand - at a recent party we served soy burgers rather than beef burgers and they went down well with the meat and non-meat eaters alike.

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