Thursday, 21 July 2011

Stripping in the city

Finding yourself on stage in front of a couple of hundred people in just your underwear is likely most peoples idea of a nightmare but this clearly wasn't the case for the cast of Wunderkammer the circus show currently on at the barbican. The cast managed to somehow incorporate some element of stripping into pretty much every segment of their show, including the trapeze act (much to Miss Haribos delight) and their curtain call!

Still they had nothing to worry about, circus skills are incredibly physically demanding resulting in a lean cut physique. However for the rest of us, suffering from 'desk bottom', the sight of honed abs provoked serious body envy!

Whilst joining the circus is an extreme course of action to stay in shape, doing exercises that use multiple muscle groups such as rowing, kettle bells, medicine balls and sandbag training can be very effective for toning up. Not only can these exercises help get you to look good in your undies, but they can also be highly beneficial physically encouraging good posture, core strength and lymphatic drainage throughout the body.

Crossfit training, based in canary Wharf ( offer intensive full body circuit training and periodically hold free park sessions as a taster. However if the idea of heaving around kettle bells and sandbags turns you off there are also more fun ways to achieve this: gardening (weeding and mowing), modern dancing (particularly hip hop and pole dancing) and of course circus classes, available in the city at circus space and in Greenwich at aircraft circus, for all the fun you'll be having swinging from the trapeze you'll forget you're even working out!

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