Wednesday, 6 July 2011

becoming bendy

Sorry to anyone who was a bit surprised to see a lengthy disclaimer on the end of last night's blog post. That is the danger of writing a post on a blackberry.

In fact it is safe to say that last night I think I broke all of emilie's good lifestyle advice. I was in the gym so long and late that I had to sprint to catch the last train home. I ate dinner on the train whilst writing the blog and then went for drinks when I got off the train. And I ended up stressed and barely slept. The only positive thing was that I had anticipated this and packed a salad to eat after the gym the night before.

There really is a benefit in taking time out to relax. But it is really difficult for people like me, and sometimes the idea of doing nothing is almost sacrilege. But as I sat trying to torture myself into splits in tonight's dance class (I am not even close to doing them) it occurred to me that even I have come to love yoga.

I originally took it up to help deal with an injury and improve my terrible flexibility but I can definitely say that I am not only stronger and more flexible but also a lot calmer and relaxed.

So that is my advice for today: give yoga a go. There are so many varieties out there and the teacher really makes a difference to the class so don't let the fact that you tried it before put you off from trying again.

Miss haribo

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