Thursday, 29 March 2012

Spring cleaning

At the beginning of the year I blogged about detoxing and mentioned that January was not a good time for a detox, particularly because the cold weather.

Well this evening was so lovely and warm that it reminded me that we're just getting to the ideal time to start a detox.

As the weather warms up our bodies happily let go of our spare winter pounds that were keeping our vital organs nice and cosy and we naturally gravitate towards raw foods such as salads and fruits.

One of the reasons I like detoxes as a means of weight loss is that they are focussed on the quality of the food you eat and not the quantity - wholegrains, pulses, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are all so fibre rich that they fill you up quickly, which means you can eat plenty and feel satisfied without worrying about over-eating.

But even if you're happy with your weight it's always good to have an internal spring clean once a year. A detox can help clear out your colon, flush out toxins from your fat stores, refresh your skin and give you bags of energy by reducing the energy your body has to put into detoxing and processing the hard to digest foods we all enjoy.

The key to success is to make sure your fridge, freezer and cupboard are stocked with detox suitable foods that you enjoy eating - these will keep your fingers out the cookie jar. A fridge full of salad and a fruit bowl full of fresh food is key. I also like to have frozen wheat free bread for toast, dried figs, apricots or dates, raw nut and seed mixes all make quick and satisfying snacks.

To be fair just before lent isn't necessarily the best time to start ... but maybe it's a good thing to plan or think about it for once you've enjoyed your easter eggs and hot cross buns!

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