Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Please can I have some calories with that?

Either my appetite has suddenly increased massively or city takeaway lunch portions have shrunk - the other day I bought a Leon picnic box for £6 and still felt hungry afterwards!

Whilst in revision mode I've been picking up lunches at the usual city lunch spots .. Pret, EAT, Leon, Pod and to be honest some of their portions would just about satisfy me as a snack.

I suspect this has a lot to do with absorbing inflation - rather than increase their prices these outlets have chosen to shrink their portions to maintain their profits. Some of this is also appearing under the guise of helping us stay slim - with labels proudly announcing that a £5 salad only contains 350 calories when any normal persons lunch should be double that.

In the end I found only two lunches under five pounds that left me feeling full. One was a salmon sushi set from Itsu and the other was from the salad deli bar at work, a bargainous 3.50. I haven't made it to chop'd yet but if their salads are pretty substantial and reasonably priced if they're still available for £5.50.

Of course it's worth paying more for healthier, fresher food, but that shouldn't mean buying bird size portions. Not only should your lunch leave you feeling satisfied but it also should be at least as many calories as your dinner - having a small lunch and a big dinner is indisputably bad for you. The old adage of breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and eat supper like a pauper isn't nonsense - it will help keep your metabolism high, reduce fat storage, aid restful sleep and effective detoxification and reduce indigestion.

Suffice to say now my head is out the books I'll be bringing my lunch in from home!

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