Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mad for muesli

On my way home tonight I stopped off at Spitalfield Organics for some supplies and came home with more goodies than I could fit in my cupboards!!

In particular I was stocking up on lots of dried goodies to make myself some gluten free muesli.
In my basket was dessicated coconut, goji berries, dried cranberries, almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and brown rice flakes.
Mixed together and topped with some cinnamon, rice milk and fresh berries this will make a delicious breakfast that will keep me full til lunchtime.

Infact muesli is one of my favourite breakfasts for several reasons, firstly it's got lots of different tastes and flavours in it so way more tasty than your standard breakfast cereal, secondly as long as you avoid the high sugar versions it's a super healthy breakfast and thirdly it's super filling so good for the waistline and the energy levels.

The reason muesli is so filling is because it's full of fibre and healthy fats - wholegrains, seeds, nuts and dried fruit are all foods rich in fibre which digest slowly, whilst the seeds and nuts also give you plenty of essential fats which also slow digestion and make you feel more satiated (which is why low fat food is so unsatisfying).

So when choosing your muesli look for higher fruit and nut contents and minimal or no added sugar and if you're making it yourself aim for 50% wholegrains and 50% added extras (nuts, seeds, dried fruit, spices) by volume.

Sadly avoiding oats means I can't eat most muesli's out there but hot doc is a fan of Dorset's Cereals really nutty muesli which has a very healthy ingredient list and plenty of added extras. And for any readers in Canada my sister has found Holy Cr@p a super healthy healthy gluten free muesli with an amusing name to match!!

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