Monday, 30 January 2012

Paying it forward

This months blogs have been rather 'me, me, me' in their approach. To be fair january tends to be about people working on themselves so they get more focussed on their goals and how to reach them, and may as a result become a bit more selfish.

However, it's not all about you! The relationships we have around us are such an important part of our lives, that whilst we're obsessing over our own health regimes, we mustn't get blinkered and neglect to support our friends loved ones, especially in any efforts to make positive changes themselves.

Whilst diet sabotage is ever prevalent (friends pressuring you to eat pudding when you're trying to eat healthily, colleagues trying to drag you down the pub when you were planning to go to the gym) helping your friends be healthy, isn't just showing them support it's helping them live a long and healthy life - which is surely worthwhile! And you might get a bit healthier yourself on the way.

There are plenty of ways you can do this, but here are a few to get you started:

- know someone who's struggling to sleep? Offer them a green tea instead of an Americano - if you can get them to switch entirely they'll sleep better and be getting some extra antioxidants.

- know someone who's trying to quit smoking? Buy them a copy of Alan Carr's Quit smoking and keep them distracted when they have cravings. If they need a cigarette with a drink, make plans to meet over lunch instead of a pint, or catch-up over a game of squash or a round of golf.

- got a pal who's trying get into exercise? Offer to join them at the gym or plan a weekly saturday morning jog followed by brunch.

- have a friend on a diet? Not sure what regime they're following? Let them choose the venue so they can stick to their diet.

- take a basket of fruit round to a sick friend, or bring healthy snacks to the office instead of cookies and share them with your colleagues.


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