Sunday, 22 January 2012

Grazia, I salute you!

As a rule I don't read the gossip mags that seem ever popular, despite all essentially running the same stories each week, just on different celebrities. When I have time to read a magazine it tends to be either a Nutrition or Health magazine or The Economist ... tragic I know!

However, I don't feel like I'm missing out as Ms Haribo regularly updates me on the world according to the Daily Mail ... the parallel universe where a story isn't worth reporting unless it's about a Z list celebrity. She also shoves a copy of Grazia under my nose periodically ... usually to show me the latest horrific pictures of the A listers ageing badly (excessive cosmetic surgery, overly thin and newly divorced ... not a good look).

Anyway there is a point to this blog, and that is that last weeks Grazia actually contained some common sense!! Part 2 of their Clean and Lean series, by A list trainer, James Duigan (who looks like he's wearing a skirt with leggings in the photo ... but let's not hold that against him!), is all about how stress makes you fat, and how all the exercise and healthy eating in the world won't get rid of your paunch if you don't face up to the fact that yes you are stressed (even if it's just in a having an amazing but ridiculously busy life kind of way) and then do something about it. Hurrah, the message is finally getting out there :-)

Quite frankly the fact that they included the phrase 'Adrenal Fatigue' in a Grazia article is amazing ... firstly as far as I can tell most of the stories in Grazia are 20% fact and 80% fiction ... with unnamed 'sources close to the star' supposedly divulging all their most intimate secrets! and secondly doctors still don't recognize adrenal fatigue - apparently your Adrenals are either not functioning at all (Addison's disease) or just perfect, and nothing inbetween.

I'm not going to be cheeky and plagiarize the article ... but if you can get hold of the last two weeks copies and buy this weeks too, I'd recommend it and he's also got a book out:

I've also harped on about stress at length, but if you need a reminder of how to deal with it here are a few oldies to remind you:

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