Sunday, 22 January 2012

Eating clean

Having blogged on the Clean & Lean series by James Duigan in Grazia, I looked a bit more into his book this evening and it looks like it contains alot of common sense. One of the main principles is eating clean, which is a fancy way of saying not eating rubbish/toxic food, and ties in with my comments on cleaning up your diet rather than plunging straight into a January detox.

This means cutting out processed foods, anything containing sugar or sweeteners, avoiding any artificial additives, whilst eating lots of clean foods in the forms of fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, fish and chicken - all organic to keep the pesticide content down.

If you just apply the principal of not eating anything processed or artificial your diet will be cleaned up instantaneously, giving your liver and digestive systems a nice break. You'll also have to replace all the nonsense you've cut out, so you'll naturally end up eating detox friendly foods such as fruit, veg and pulses. For most people on an average british diet, this will dramatically increase your fibre and antioxidant intake helping the detox process further and slowing the ageing process.

So next time you make a food choice, think - which option is least processed and 'cleanest', follow this principal and eating healthily will come naturally.

And if you need anymore convincing as to why eating clean is the way to go ... Jamie's diet is supposedly responsible for the amazing body that is Elle!

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