Thursday, 26 January 2012

Design your own detox

A detox diet doesn't have to be expensive, infact cutting out meat, processed and treat foods will probably save you money. However, if money is no object, then you might want to consider some complimentary treatments whilst your detoxing to maximise results.

One key area in effective detox is lymphatic drainage. The lympahtic system carries toxins away from the cells to be detoxified by the liver so if the lymph system is congested you can't detox effectively.

One of the reasons cellulite is concentrated in the butt region is because sitting down all day reduces circulation to that area.

So how do you boost lymphatic circulation:
Well exercise is the obvious solution as the contraction of your muscles squeeze the lymph vessels and move the fluid around. However intensive exercise isn't recommended during a deep detox. Yoga is therefore a great compliment to detox as it moves the muscles and lymph fluid, whilst also increasing oxygen intake through deep breathing.

Manual massage is the super lazy way to drain your lymph fluid, and can be more effective than exercise, particularly if you have lymphatic drainage massage which is available at Elemis spas and other beauty salons. This kind of massage is focussed on the lymph nodes and channels and can be uncomfortable, but at the same time very effective. Be warned, you are likely to feel woozy the next day from all the toxins it unsticks - so go on a friday after work, drink lots of water and have an early night to let your liver process the toxins.

Endermology is a manual massage using a vacuum cleaner type machine. It's not relaxing, and can be uncomfortable, but it does work and can reduce cellulite when combined with a detox diet.

Coming back to Magdas original question, colonhydrotherapy can also be used to aid detox along with enemas (water or caffeine). These are obviously more invasive than having a massage, so why go through this?

Well, as I said before, if you are constipated then a detox may not be that effective as you may be reabsorbing toxins from your bowel. Therefore some form of manual colon cleanse at the start of your detox can really help clear out your bowels and make your detox more effective.

That being said I wouldn't recommend everyone has one done and that's because your bowel has it's own bacterial population and having a hydrotherapy treatment can disrupt this. Therefore if your bowel movements are regular and your not experiencing high toxicity then I wouldn't suggest having a hydrotherapy treatment. Whereas if you are highly toxic or constipated then a cleanse can give you a clean start, so you should follow it with a course of probitics and a detox diet, to encourage the healthy bacteria.

The beauty of a detox is that you can customize how you do it, for how long and do whatever extra treatments you fancy to go with it. So when it warms up it's worth spending a bit of time to design your own detox and reap the benefits.

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