Monday, 16 January 2012


Not only does my quiet social schedule leave me time for some healthy cuisine, but it also leaves more time for the gym - something I usually have to squeeze in at lunchtime or before I go out in the evening.

Unfortunately the rest of the city is in the same situation and the gym was absolutely packed this evening with quite a few frustrated looking people queueing for treadmills.

If you're training for a competitive event I understand the need for very specific training, but if you just want to be fit and healthy it pays to be flexible on what you do. Setting out on a strict exercise regime is a fasttrack to frustration, either not being able to fit it in or getting to the gym and finding the equipment you want isn't available.

The point is that exercising shouldn't stress you out but should be as pleasurable as possible. This isn't just part of my January zen diet approach, but is also key to maximize fat loss.

Anything that leaves you feeling a negative emotion, be it irritation at waiting for a treadmill or anxiety that you haven't been to the gym enough, promotes the production of stress hormones which in turn encourage the storage of fats, particularly around your waist, as well as increasing your appetite for a double wammy.

So if going to the gym actually stresses you out it could be counterproductive, leaving you with a spare tyre instead of a six pack. Infact look around next time you're in the gym and you'll be able to spot quite a few men and women who appear to exercise regularly so have toned arms and legs, but a noticeable gut, or as Ms Haribo refers to them 'flabs'!

If this is something you suffer from you may want to look at your exercise routine and see if it is a source of stress itself. Cutting down and switching to more enjoyable forms of exercise, rather than trying to stick to a strict intensive regime, could infact leave you both slimmer and happier ... a win-win!

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