Sunday, 2 October 2011

True thirst

I'm always experimenting with my diet or supplements to see what works and what doesn't. Last week I was experimenting with snacking, or rather not snacking, working on making my meals as sustaining as possible to keep my blood sugar stable til the next meal.

I was relatively successful by combining fibre, protein and low glycemic carbohydrates in every meal, but more on that later.

I'm usually pro snacking, but I found a few advantages to not eating between meals, the main one being spending at lot less time eating, but also breaking the habit of boredom grazing - something I'm definitely guilty of.

Something that I hadn't anticipated was that I started drinking a lot more water, however this shouldn't be that surprising - food provides a fair amount of our water intake so if we eat more we'll need to drink less. It also means that sometimes hunger is infact dehydration in disguise, and so drinking enough water can reduce your appetite.

By making an effort not to snack between meals my genuine thirst became more apparent and I found myself drinking water more by desire than making myself do it because I know I should. The result - I felt hungry for my next meal later than normal and in addition I felt more clear-headed than usual - bonus!

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