Wednesday, 12 October 2011

NITC ... back from the dead

Howdy readers ... first up apologies for going AWOL ... I was laid up with a really nasty gastro bug apparently going around London nurseries right now. If you can avoid kiddy contact in the next week I'd recommend it.

This meant I was totally off food for a few days and basically kept myself conscious with a diet of water, sugary drinks and bouillon stock drink for salts. During my feverish, sugar induced delirium I at least had the sense to recognize that writing my blog would be a mistake. But I'm back .. and back on food, thank god.

So what do you think I'd fancy after three days off food ... I'd expect my usual comfort faves .. nachos, chips, chocolate. So I was surprised to find that when my appetite came back that what I really fancied was the bizarre, but healthy, combination of new potatoes with hummous, salad and avocado, plus some stewed fruit, and it was divine.

Odd yes, but actually after three days of sugar and no fruit and veg it's no surprise that my body was craving vitamin C. Not only do we need Vitamin C as an essential nutrient for our body's functions, but it is a also water soluble vitamin so not stored in the body - meaning you can get depleted pretty easily. Sugar is also an antagonist to Vitamin C ... it competes with Vitamin C for uptake into the body's cells ... so even though my Ribena has added vitamin C it's dubious how much help that was, given the amount of sugar in it.

You see your body is extremely clever and usually knows what it needs to get back into balance ... you just need to tune in and listen to it. This is why I often tell clients not to worry if they find they go a bit off track after being super healthy for a couple of months ... if you let yourself indulge, rather than constantly being restricted, you'll be surprised how quickly you tire of unhealthy junk and go back to wanting healthy foods.

Btw if you do get the horrid lurgy I'd recommend supplementing any sugary drinks with some fresh fruit juice if you can find someone kind enough to make you some.

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