Thursday, 6 October 2011

Stew and sauna

Talk about changeable weather ... last Sunday it was too hot to wear anything other than beach wear and then this evening I was shivering in a suit and rain mac!

I'm no meteorologist so I'm afraid I've no great insight as to whether we're in autumn proper of it this random weather will continue, but as I've blogged on before extreme temperature fluctuations can be stressful on the body and seasonal changes can lead to low mood and impaired immunity.

This is when it's important to stay flexible in what you're eating and your lifestyle. If it's warm dress lightly and eat lightly - cold dishes and raw salads will keep you cool, along with plenty of water. But don't let yourself get caught out if the temperature drops - a spare jumper or cardigan is essential at the moment, along with fairly regular checking of to plan weather appropriate outfits.

As the weather cools it's important to keep the body warm - this enhances immune function, helping you fight off colds and flu, and also keeps your body relaxed and metabolism high. Layer up, and don't be caught without a coat. Eat warm protein rich foods that will keep you warm for hours - soups and healthy stews are great for this - I get my soups from EAT and stews from POD or Leon. Porridge is a great morning warmer, but if you don't fancy it have a cold breakfast with a nice hot mug of herbal tea.

Exercise is also great for keeping your temperature up - which is why regular moderate exercise makes you less likely to get ill. Another good way to boost your temperature is to have a regular steam or sauna - if your gym has one try and go in once a week over the winter months, it's wonderfully relaxing and you can justify it as a defence against winter bugs.

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