Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A little bit of magic

For all my criticism of celebrity diets I think there's a valuable lesson in some of the startling transformations that grace the pages of the Z list gossip mags. Not that we should all follow these extreme diets, but just of the immense power and transformative effects of food on the body.

Changing what you eat can change your appearance - your fat levels, muscle mass, skin and hair - but all this is reflecting significant changes within your body. Through changing your diet you can change your biochemistry - altering your metabolism, immune function, detoxification and even how you think and feel.

But the changes don't have to be extreme to have an effect - increasing daily water intake by half a litre, adding a palmful of nuts to your mid morning snack, eating a carrot a day, swapping your morning cereal for muesli, having soy or rice milk in your tea - all these changes can affect your body in ways you can see or feel.

Sometimes the effects of making simple dietary changes can be so profound it can feel like magic ... it's not magic - it's science ... but it's just as wonderful.


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