Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Big crash, the sequel

Today my diet was anything but a crash diet, eating out for both lunch and dinner. This isn't something I do often but it's not uncommon if you work in a client facing/schmoozing role.

Your body certainly won't think you're starving on that kind of diet, however you run the risk of another kind of crash ... a blood sugar crash. We've all been there ... struggling to stay awake in a meeting following a heavy lunch!

But with a bit of care in your menu choices you can avoid the post-lunch slumber and have a productive afternoon.

One of the main culprits for the post-lunch snooze is too many carbs, especially wheat. Skip the pasta, pizza, bread and go for new or sweet potatoes or rice. Also make sure you exercise some portion control - even a big plate of brown rice will send you to sleep. Limit yourself to the volume of a tea cup. If you're going to have pudding skip the carbs altogether with your starter and main, you'll get more than enough in any dessert.

Next make sure you have some protein - fish is a good choice when eating out, but meat, eggs or pulses will do. As a rough guide have a portion the size of your fist. This will slow down the digestion of the carbs in your meal avoiding a post-meal blood sugar crash.

Finally make sure you have some veggies - not just to help you see in the dark - but the fibre will again slow the digestion of your meal.

If it all goes wrong and you end up in a post-curry coma drink plenty of water and have a green tea - resorting to coffee or chocolate to perk you up will just line you up for another crash later on.

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