Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Innocent & Instant

I often spend time thinking up handy tips for eating healthily but I'm also quite happy to pass on ideas I've heard elsewhere.

Last week a friend mentioned that he makes a super quick healthy hot lunch by combining an Innocent brand veggie pot with some bought cooked chicken. This is a great suggestion for pulling together a healthy instant meal for two reasons.

Firstly vegetarian ready meals are usually much higher in veggies and fibre than the meaty equivalents. The Innocent veg pots are a great example of this, but beware some veggie ready meals are laden with cheese and cheap additives.

Secondly it gives you more flexibility as to your protein choices - you can add pre-cooked chicken or salmon for a super quick option but also if you're at home you can quickly steam or steam-fry some fish, chicken or seafood or even poach an egg and add that.

It seems that my flatmate has also had the same brain wave and tonight she combined a Cauldron vegetarian ready meal with some tofu for a tasty super-quick dinner. Even if you are vegetarian I would recommend adding some extra protein to a vegetarian ready meal as they are often low in protein which is vital for good health.

So next time you find yourself grabbing a ready meal for dinner it might be an idea to browse the vegetarian section.

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