Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Eat, pray, love

I love going to the cinema for a bit of escapism and Eat, Pray, Love was exactly that. The main character's travels in India, Italy and Bali are a life a million miles away from the city rat race and I'm sure the book has encouraged many a woman (and possibly man) to pack it all in and go globe trotting.

Food is the key theme of the time set in Italy ... the enjoyment of food, the time spent on preparing it, the use of the freshest best ingredients and the time set aside for the eating food. However in a city job where you can end up eating all your meals at your desk taking time to enjoy your food may feel like an impossibility.

Even if you can't take a proper lunch break you can still choose to buy a fresh and tasty lunch - look for freshly prepared meals that also look appealing or bring something tasty in from home. Take a moment to choose food you'll really enjoy, rather than eating anything that's just near to hand, and pay attention to the flavours and textures of your food whilst you eat it.

On the weekend, take the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and prepare some favourite home-cooked recipes whilst you have more time for cooking. Most of all enjoy your food - it is one of lifes great pleasures that shouldn't be overlooked.

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