Thursday, 17 June 2010

One for the road?

A government commissioned report has recommended reducing the driving limit from 80mg to 50mg alcohol per 100ml of blood in an effort to reduce deaths from drunk driving.

I'd personally like to see a total ban as even small amounts of alcohol affect your judgement, reaction speeds and concentration. The guidelines for drink driving are also confusing - half a pint might be fine for one person but then for someone small who doesn't drink often, such as myself, this could put them over a 50mg limit.

One of the reasons it would be unpopular to introduce a total ban is the british attitude towards drinking and socialising. Alot of people find it difficult to socialise without alcohol and wouldn't dream of only having soft drinks whilst catching up with friends down the pub. Even for those who don't want to drink alcohol there can be a lot of peer pressure to drink, especially in the city.

This is a shame as although the odd glass of red wine may actually be beneficial, most people drink beyond a level that is healthy. Alcohol itself is an anti-nutrient causing the excretion of B vitamins and using up valuable antioxidants in it's detoxification as well as containing empty calories and being a mood depressive.

A total ban might not just save lives on the roads but perhaps also help make a much needed change to british drinking culture and make it more acceptable to socialize sober.

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