Tuesday, 29 June 2010

In praise of Pod

I usually bring my lunch into work with me but I didn't have time on Monday evening so had to buy lunch in the city and dropped into Pod at exchange square.

I've always enjoyed their hot dishes but was Impressed by their new range of healthy summer salads and nori rolls. Like Leon, Pod are great at labelling up if their food is wheat, gluten or dairy free and using good quality healthy ingredients. I was also impressed at how much they've widened their snack range since I last visited stocking RAW coconut balls and Bounce protein balls which used to be available only in very specialist health food stores.

Infact over the years both city food outlets and supermarkets in general have become a lot more health friendly stocking more healthy options and allergy friendly foods. This makes it a lot easier for city types, with no time to make up packed lunches, to eat a healthy diet, although I'm still waiting for someone to open up an organic lunch spot in the city.

Supermarket ranges are also frequently updated so it's sometimes worth revisiting the health food aisle or trying a different supermarket to see which products are available. I find that Waitrose and Sainsburys are often ahead of the other supermarkets in stocking new healthy ranges.

There are Pods all over the city, though sadly not yet in Canary Wharf or outside London. For their menu and details of outlets see www.podfood.co.uk

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