Wednesday, 23 June 2010

How to recover from ten hours of tennis

Having watched part of the longest ever Wimbledon tennis match (which unbelievably still hasn't finished after ten hours of play) it seemed appropriate to blog on sports nutrition.

Infact I'm not even going to try to suggest a strategy that could deal with the tennis marathon both players have endured but instead will talk about the use sports recovery drinks for the non-professional exerciser!

Sports drinks taken immediately after exercise can help replace fluids and muscle glycogen as well as encouraging muscle repair, however alot of commercial isotonic sports drink contain artificial flavours and sweeteners so if you're trying to avoid these (which you should be) and are training hard which drinks can you use?

Both TAUT and SIS rego are good options but not easily available apart from in specialist sports stores and online. However you can make effective and cheap sports drinks yourself using any combination of powdered maltodextrin, fructose or fruit squash for the carbohydrates mixed with water. Dilute to 4-6g of carbohydrates per 100ml to make the drink isotonic. This is the optimal concentration for the most rapid absorption of water into the blood stream. Added electrolytes are only necessary for very strenuous exercise or exercise in hot temperatures, to replace salts lost through sweat.

I certainly imagine Messrs Isner and Mahut will be taking on some recovery drinks right now, although it will take a lot more than a sugary drink to recover from ten hours of tennis!

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