Monday, 14 June 2010

Festival fare

Apologies for the lack of blog yesterday - I was enjoying the music at the Isle of Wight music festival ... which brings me onto the subject of todays blog - festival food.

It's not always practical to bring all your food with you (although packing some healthy snacks is a good idea) so what are the healthy options to go for at this summers festivals:

The vegan/vegetarian outlet selling falafel and veggie burgers looked promising but sadly got a bad review from one of my friends, still it may be worth looking for vegetarian outlets to get some more healthy options.

Vegetarian options on the regular food stands may also be worth a look - I enjoyed a tasty veggie balti curry with rice from an Indian food stool, which was probably also one of the lowest fat options for a hot dinner (if a bit short on the protein), whilst the mexican stall was offering jacket potato with veggie chilli, also a good option.

If you do feel like some comfort food the ostrich burger got a good review on the taste front and is a much leaner and healthier alternative to beef burgers.

I noticed a couple more juice and smoothie bars than last year, providing a good (and tasty) way to up your fruit and veg intake - it's not easy to get your five a day at a festival!

We weren't there for breakfast but the fruit/smoothie bars were serving porridge and muesli providing a healthy alternative to the bacon butties on offer.

Also if you're in the sunshine all day make sure you drink plenty of water. At £2 for a 500ml you might be put off, but the festival should provide free drinking water fountains to fill up your bottles.

Whatever you end up eating, enjoy the music and hopefully some sunshine!

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