Thursday, 10 June 2010

Missing the point

I don't normally read the gossip mags but a friend lent me her 'Closer' magazine and a quick flick through revealed that every other story seems to be about some female d-listers weight loss of gain! One particular story was about the pregnant Danielle Lloyd who is delighted to be skinnier (apart from the bump) than before getting pregnant, having switched to a healthier diet from a previous diet of junk food and alcohol.

She is not alone in missing the point of eating healthily - it's to take care of the health of your body (and in this case baby) - rather than to just be slim. A common mistake made by individuals who naturally don't gain weight is to take their lack of weight gain as a license to eat as much junk food as they like without thinking it is doing them harm. They are still increasing their risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and speeding up the ageing process.

So next time you're choosing what to eat, instead of worrying 'will this make me fat?' ask yourself 'will this make me healthier?' and you'll probably make a better choice.

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